Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh the Things They Will Say.....The Nose

Yesterday while on the playground, two friends collided on the slide.  With one friend in tears and the other suddenly asking to go to the bathroom I knew there had to be a story behind the drama, so I brought both of them together to find out.

"Friend A" - otherwise known as the friend in tears, simply explained that he got bumped and it hurt.

"Friend B" - otherwise known as the friend needing to go to the barthroom, had a little bit tougher time telling what happenend.  His words spurted out quickly.  "Going by him.....didn't mean to......bump......steps.....going down."

Finally after we took a few deep breaths and I gently prodded him with some questions, the truth came out.  And it was one scenerio I haven't quite heard before.

"I was on the slide.  I needed to go down.  And well....his nose got in the way."