Saturday, October 1, 2011

What's Happenin'?......LOTS!

It's been a while since I posted pics of our classroom happenings.  Too long.  But the start of this school year has been exhausting.  I'm finally getting into my "groove" and ready to share with you some photos of my new crop of Kinders and the fun that they have had so far at school this year.

Discovering a good book...or two

Celebrating an important birthday...number 5!

Milking a coconut

Using the Mimio to make learning really fun

Observing our classroom pet, Gus, up close

Working with magnets and creating at the easel

Listening to a favorite story read by our Assistant Principal, Ms. Kelley

Sorting pasting together

Building structures

Painting rainbow toast

Number puzzles...
...word puzzles...
......and tangrams

Making Banana raisin bread with N's Mom, Miss Melisa

Patterning the letter Mm with macaroni, M&M's, and marshmallows and the letter Nn with Nerd candies

Introducing a special friend on Teddy Bear Day

Oh the Things they Will Say....A New Name for Nicholas

I love it when my Kinders take the initiative to play with sounds, syllables and words.  I think it's a true indicator that my instruction in phonemic awareness has not fallen on deaf ears.  Yesterday A. came to me and asked if he could call his good pal Nicholas a different Nic. I told him that he might want to check with Nicholas first to see if it was ok with him. 

Then I couldn't help but go with the moment by suggesting, "You could call him Nic or even Nic Nic." 

To my surprise A.  took it a step even further.  "I could call him Nic, Nic Nic, or Nic Nic Nickety Nic Nic."

I figured A. must like Nicholas very much to spend so much time thinking of just the right new name for him.