Monday, May 30, 2011

Water Day

The weather here in North Florida gets hot pretty quickly.  A Water Day is a great way to cool off with fun activities and sweet treats to eat.  It's also a great celebration to end a fantastic school year.

This giant sprinkler ball was really neat

Kiddie pools galore.  I think we had seven!

"Painting" the windows and walls with water

Snow cones and watermelon....Yum!

Chipping away at ice molds to find the treasures inside

Enjoying Games with water balls

Good clean fun with shaving cream 
Mural Painting with tempra paint ice pops

High fives for an awesome school year!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Addition and Subtraction Stories

A few weeks ago my Kinders were busy working on learning the principles of addition and subtraction.  Our new Harcourt GoMath! curriculum emphasizes the use of pictures stories, which I absolutely love.  I partnered up my students and put them to work creating and solving their own. I was really pleased with what they produced and how cooperatively they worked together.


Friday, May 27, 2011

My Golly Goo Goo....A Top Five Award!

Thank you to Donna over at for commenting on one of my recent posts.  She congratulated me on receiving an award from as being one of the top five out of the "50 Best Blogs Written by Kindergarten Teachers."  Donna's blog also received this award and I can see why.  Her blog is terrific!

I have to admit that this recognition could not have come at a better time.  The end of the school year is always a time of high energy and bittersweetness for me.  I am excited about summer, but hate saying goodbye to my Kinders. 

Getting this award gave a much needed "boost" when I was thinking that all I wanted to do for the next week or two is sit down and "roost!"

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Birthdays

Four years ago the parent of one of my Kinders had a great idea.  Her son's summer birthday would be held after the school year was over but he wanted so much to get to celebrate it at school.  His Mom asked if she could bring in pizza to for him and his classmates who also had summer birthdays. I added a cake to the menu and it was a party. And from this great idea was born a new tradition in my classroom. 

On Tuesday we honored my Kinders who have summer birthdays.  We sang the Happy Birthday song three times over and then enjoyed yummy treats.

I think this classroom tradition is so special to me because I was one of those kids who longed to celebrate my birthday at school.  How lucky I am to get to celebrate it now every year with my students.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"The Important Book"

One of my favorite authors of books for children is Margaret Wise Brown.  She is known for her classics, The Runaway Bunny, The Big Red BarnThe Golden Egg Book, and Goodnight Moon.

Every year I read Goodnight Moon to my Kinders on the last day of school.  Afterwards we take turns to tell someone or something in the classroom goodbye.  It is a gentle, soothing way to make the transition into summer break and the new learning adventures that are ahead of us.  This activity has become a tradition in my classroom and I look forward to it every year, even though it does bring about a tear or two.

Another book that I love is The Important Book.  I have found that it is a terrific source to use when teaching details in writing.  Recently I used it as a focus book for a week during my Language Arts instruction. We read the book each day to build familiarity with it. Next, we brainstormed together to think of details about common objects in the classrooom including a door, a window, and a block. When I felt the kids were ready, a gave them each a word wall card with a picture of an object on it.  They used a preprinted graphic organizer to brainstorm four details about their object.  They shared their organizers with the class and chose the detail they felt was the most important.  The next day they created a page to be included in our own Important Book that featured their object.  This was one of the best writing activities I have ever facilitated in my classroom and I can't wait to teach it again next year.


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Book Buddies

For the past two years my class has been blessed to share the love of reading with buddies from Ms. Teuton and Mrs. DenBleyker's 3rd grade class.  Every Friday they come to visit and share classic fairy tales with my Kinders.  It is a wonderful time to watch relationships blossom and reading skills bloom.