Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer Birthdays

Four years ago the parent of one of my Kinders had a great idea.  Her son's summer birthday would be held after the school year was over but he wanted so much to get to celebrate it at school.  His Mom asked if she could bring in pizza to for him and his classmates who also had summer birthdays. I added a cake to the menu and it was a party. And from this great idea was born a new tradition in my classroom. 

On Tuesday we honored my Kinders who have summer birthdays.  We sang the Happy Birthday song three times over and then enjoyed yummy treats.

I think this classroom tradition is so special to me because I was one of those kids who longed to celebrate my birthday at school.  How lucky I am to get to celebrate it now every year with my students.


Kinderglynn said...

Congrats on named in the top 5 kindergarten blogs!!!

Mrs. Pearce said...

Thanks Donna! I had no idea of the award. Thanks for the nod my way! your blog!!