Saturday, October 1, 2011

Oh the Things they Will Say....A New Name for Nicholas

I love it when my Kinders take the initiative to play with sounds, syllables and words.  I think it's a true indicator that my instruction in phonemic awareness has not fallen on deaf ears.  Yesterday A. came to me and asked if he could call his good pal Nicholas a different Nic. I told him that he might want to check with Nicholas first to see if it was ok with him. 

Then I couldn't help but go with the moment by suggesting, "You could call him Nic or even Nic Nic." 

To my surprise A.  took it a step even further.  "I could call him Nic, Nic Nic, or Nic Nic Nickety Nic Nic."

I figured A. must like Nicholas very much to spend so much time thinking of just the right new name for him.

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