Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh The Things They Will Say....Wrong Feet

We were returning to our classroom from P.E. yesterday down the long hallway that stretches from one wing of our school to another.  The distance of which is like traveling from Maine to Key West while herding 18 wild goats.  On a good day the line moves steadily and efficiently.  On a more "lively" day I might stop five times to remind friends that we don't touch the wall, bulletin boards, students from another class who are passing by, the friend in front of them, or the friend behind them.  I think you might know what I mean.

When my classs finally got back to the room, J. reported to me that the friend behind him had stepped on his shoe. I noticed that not only was his shoe untied but it was turned completely backwards as well.  I gently brought this to his attention by saying that perhaps if his shoelace was tied a friend would not have stepped on it.

J. glanced down at his shoe and studied it for a moment as though he had just discovered a dinosaur fossil or seen his shoes for the very first time and proclaimed, "Look!  It's on the wrong foot too!"

I just love "aha" moments.

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