Saturday, August 20, 2011

Oh The Things They Will Say.....Happy and Younger

The Kindergarten classrooms at my school use Dr. Jean Feldman's "The Rules Rap" to teach our rules.  I created a slide presentation and social story as visuals to go along with the song.  On the last slide/page I included a picture of me smiling with the sentence, "When we follow the rules it makes Mrs. Pearce happy."  

On the first day of school I introduced the rap and the rules using the social story.  When we arrived at the last page N. asked me how old I was in the picture.  I laughed and asked him how old did he think I was.  He matter of factly replied, "In your 20's."  I then asked him how old did he think I was in person.  "He said, "In your 30's."

Yesterday was the second day of school, and we reviewed the rules by rapping the rap and reading the story again.  The kids did great and remembered many of the rules.  When we arrived at the last slide/page I asked the group, "What does this picture tell us happens when we follow the rules at school?"

Several kids in the group chimed in and answered, "It makes Mrs. Pearce happy."

Without delay N. added, "and younger."

I think we're off to a good start.


Anonymous said...

Ahahaha!! Oh my goodness, that's great! You make me very excited to start my first kindergarten job in just a few weeks. Looking forward to all of the shenanigans I will experience this year!

Dan Gurney said...

That's a very cute story. I agree, you look like you're in for a fun year.