Saturday, August 28, 2010

M is for Moments....Moments of Learning Magic

We had a marvelous week in school.  We celebrated all things Mm and we learned about making new friends and becoming a classroom family. 

We read "The Crayon Box That Talked" by Shane DeRolf

After reading the story we created cooperative art murals like this...
and this.

Our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Kelley, stopped by to read "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"  by Laura Numeroff
and then she served chocolate chip cookies and milk
(gluten-free and lovingly baked by S.'s Mom)

It was fun to observe the kids enjoying their cookies. 
J. liked to break his cookie into many scrumptious pieces.

While K.  liked to dunk hers.

Nutritious meals were prepared by I.

T. constructed a castle perfect for a princess.

And A. shared a moment of complete Kindergarten joy.

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