Thursday, February 3, 2011

Is it Elvis? The Beatles? Nooo It's.....Jack Hartmann!

This morning we were getting our wiggles out on the learning rug before beginning reading activities.  As we routinely do, we started out with a few selections from one of my favorite performers of children's music, Jack Hartmann (who - by the way- is a fellow Floridian).  The kids loved singing and dancing to "Freeze It" and "Hip Hop to the Alphabet" and "Is It a Word Or Not" from his Hip Hop Alpha Bop cd and immediately wanted to hear more.

As I searched for yet another cool selection to play, a conversation began on the rug that centered around Mr. Hartmann's music. Various song titles were recalled, including "Hip Hop Tooty Ta" and "The Silly Pirate Song."  Then one of my friends announced, "I like ALL those songs." 

What was said next can only be compared to the degree of adoration displayed by devoted fans of Elvis,  The Beatles, or The Eagles.

T, as matter of factly as could be, replied to the friend by saying, "Well yeah!  It IS Jack Hartmann."

I think an official Jack Hartmann fan club is in the making.  And I'm gonna sign up, too.

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Jack Hartmann said...

I'm flattered you compared me to Elvis and the Beatles. You have a great blog here. Keep up the good work. Thanks for being a fan.
- Jack Hartmann