Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oh The Things They Will Say.....Picture It

Yesterday, during Reading on the rug, I was talking with my Kinders about the magic of our mind and how fun it is to picture something in our brain and even spell its word.  This is a pretty abstract concept so we needed to practice.  First we used the object of a cat.  I set the scene...."Picture in your brain a cat.  What does the cat look like?  What color is he?  "Is he big or little? What does he sound like? How does he move?  Now see the letters in the word cat as you say the sounds." 

Almost immediately I began to hear a few ooohs and aaahs in the group and some friends even started to describe the cat they imagined out loud.  But one friend was having a little trouble.  He just couldn't see a cat in his mind.  He said he had no picture frame.  And he was starting to get frustrated.  Friends began to help him.  "Come can do it....see the cat....c-a-t....see the letters?

 I. just knew she had a solution to our friend's dilemma and she announced, "It's easy.  Just roll your eyes backwards in your head and you can see it!"

That's when my lesson on Imagery turned into something I had not expected.  And we spent the next five minutes trying to roll our eyes backwards in our head. 

Now that was a sight.  I'll bet you can picture it.

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Sandra Guntorius said...

Too funny, gotta love kinder.