Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lose 'em, Tie 'em and Celebrate 'em

When I first began teaching Kindergarten, I discovered two developmental milestones that were MUCHO important to my young students.  Losing a tooth and tieing a shoe.  So important that I felt that they needed to be truly celebrated, almost as much as having a birthday.

I implemented two recognition "clubs" that are easy to manage and the kids absolutely love them.  It was a simple thing to do.  I purchased two kits from Really Good Stuff (I do love this company) that included posters, matching stickers, certificates, and "tooth" necklaces.  I hung the posters in a special place in my classroom. I introduced the "clubs" during the first week of school.  We also read books about what it's like when either of the two happen.

The clubs manage themselves.  Lots of independent practice takes place.  Wiggling loose teeth and looping strings.  The kids ALWAYS remind me when they are ready to be members (and their friends do too).  We write their names on the posters.  Stickers, certificates and tooth necklaces are presented to them.  And most importantly, we take a few precious moments to marvel at the space that a missing tooth left or watch in awe as shoes are carefully tied.

Yep....these are milestones definitely worth celebrating again and again all through the school year.


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