Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Oh The Things They Will Say....Baby Parts

T. is very excited because her Mommy is having a baby.  Yesterday T. went to the doctor with her Mommy to view the ultrasound that would reveal whether she is having a baby brother or sister.  Today she proudly brought in three fuzzy ultrasound pictures to share with the class.

I introduced her special share time by saying, "Class, T. has something very special to show us today. She has photos called ultrasound that are kind of like xrays.  They are pictures of the inside of her Mommy's tummy.  T, what is in each of these pictures?" 

Just before T. could respond up popped B. who announced to everyone, "I know, I know!  Them are baby parts!"

By the way.....T's Mommy is having a girl.

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The Whaleys said...

OH how funny, from the mouths of babes!