Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh The Things They Will Say.....We Are One

Today we were preparing to make the transition to the cafeteria for lunch. As I directed my students to line up at the door E. spontaneously announced, "I know my lunch number! I know my lunch number! I know my lunch number!" E. has done this every single day at this time for the last 3 weeks. I felt it was time to gently explain that although I was very proud of him for learning his lunch number, it was not necessary for him to loudly announce it to the class before lunch every day. 

Upon hearing this a very emphathetic K. consoled E. by saying "It's ok, we are one," and added the sign language gesture for the word "together."

As if on perfect cue, up popped C. who pointed his finger in the air like a proud politician and proclaimed, "And God Bless America!"

I do believe my recent lessons on classroom unity did not fall on deaf ears after all.

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