Saturday, November 13, 2010

I is for Ice Cream

This past week we celebrated the letter I and both of its cool sounds.  The KG teaching team surprised our Kinders with a culminating activity to end our week.  We invited Carlos the Scientist to come visit us and make ice cream using liquid nitrogen.  (insert ooohs and awes).  We are very fortunate to have the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at Florida State University nearby to our school.  They have an excellent educational outreach program that is FREE!  It is a wonderful way to bring field trip opportunities to our students; particularly in these economically precarious times (I tried to say that as delicately as possible).

Now on to some fun photo highlights of our yummy learning experience....

To begin, Carlos showed the kids how to use
safety gear before beginning an experiment.
The experiment began with typical ingredients for homemade ice cream.
Milk, half and half, vanilla extract and eggs.

Next, Carlos adds the liquid nitrogen to speed up the freezing process

 There is some science magic going on here!

The finished churn needed and
ready to serve within 5 minutes!

Thumbs up for the best ice cream EVER! 

What a delicious way to learn about Science and the letter I.  I don't think our Kinders will ever forget Scientist Carlos.

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