Monday, November 22, 2010

Warm Fuzzies

My Kinders have responded very well to a classroom incentive I like to refer to as "Warm Fuzzies."  It involves a glass jar and LOTS of craft poms.  Each time wonderful group behavior is displayed, a craft pom (warm fuzzy) is put into the jar.  I drew a line on the jar about half-way up.  If the warm fuzzies reach this line....the class gets an ice cream party.  Later, when the warm fuzzies reach the top of the jar....a pizza party is the ultimate reward!

I use this incentive tool to target group behaviors that I want the kids to work on together.  Walking quietly in hallway.  Transitioning quietly and independently between classroom activities.  Using great table manners in the lunchroom.

One of the most recent warm fuzzies my kinders received was for behaving so responsibly in the library that they were allowed to check out a library book.  (A privilege that is normally not given to Kinders at our school until January).  I made a REALLY big deal about this warm fuzzy.  I picked a yellow fuzzy and described its golden color as though it were an Olympic medal.  I let the classroom leader of day stand on a pedestal stool to put it into the glass jar.  We ooohed and aweed.  And then the remarks started about how good getting this warm fuzzy felt.

B:  "I feel like a 1st grader!"
A:  "I feel like a 2nd grader!"
E:  "I feel like a high schooler!"
C:  "I feel like a college student!"
I:    "I feel like ice cream!"

My class is now one warm fuzzy away from an ice cream party and are licking their lips in anticipation.

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