Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh The Things They Will Say.....Lepreckins

This afternoon my Kinders created leprechaun hats to wear to lunch on St. Patrick's Day.  As each student finished assembling a hat I wrote their new "leprechaun" name on it and then announced the name to the class.  I attached an O' to the beginning of each student's last name and laughter erupted every time a new leprechaun name was said.  I even gave myself a leprechaun name....Mrs. O'Pearce.

But R. wasn't so sure that she wanted to be called "R. O'Monroe" and she let me know that pretty directly.  I asked her if she would like to be called "R. Leprechaun Monroe" instead and she agreed that she liked this option better.  One of the kids decided to try out R's leprechuan name, but called her "R. Lepreckin Monroe" instead.  Laughter ensued again around the room and B. spoke up to correct her.   "It's not called a lepreckin.  It's called a leprechaun.  A lepreckin is what you call a little leprechaun kid." 

Well I can't wait to accompany my 17 "lepreckins" to lunch on St. Patrick's Day later this week.  And I hope the lunchroom ladies will serve green jello for dessert, too.


Elisabeth said...

This made me smile! Thanks for sharing this cute story!! I love your blog! :)


Mrs. Pearce said...

Thanks Elisabeth for checking out my blog and commenting on this post! I can't wait to check out your blog, too!