Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dunkin'....And I'm Not Talking About Basketball or Donuts

Last Saturday our school held its annual Spring Festival.  It's was a wonderful afternoon filled with fun games, yummy food, and entertainment.  It's also our PTA's main fund raiser.  This year we raised around $28,000.  I think this is a phenomenal amount, given the economy right now plus the fact that my community is still pretty rural. 

Each classroom operates a game or food booth, and mine was the bouncy house.  It was great to talk with parents of past, present and (hopefully) future students while their kids bounced....and bounced...and bounced.

Next door to the bouncy house was the dunking booth.  I signed up for a 30 minute shift in the dunk chair, along with our school's Principal and several other fellow faculty and staff members.  Given the 83 degree weather on that day, it was actually refreshing to cool off again....and again....and again.

Our Principal, Mrs. Walker, was very confident that she wouldn't be dunked.
She brought along a good book to pass the time during her 30 minute shift.

Mr. Van, our Guidance Counselor, and Mrs. Kelley, one of our Para Extraordinaire.
All geared up and ready for their turns in the booth.
Some of our Kinders lining up and waiting to dunk a teacher (or two). 

My intern, Ms. Brown, gives R. a high-five after a successful dunk.

Here I am, pleading with I. to go easy on me.

The begging and pleading didn't work.  I went down!

...And down again.  This time J. dunked me.

A little water-logged after about 20 dunks,
but I was still smiling nonetheless.

Note to self when contemplating another turn in the dunking booth at next year's festival:
Never underestimate the aim of a Kindergartener who wants to get their teacher REALLY wet.

**Thank you to Amy Andrews for capturing all the fun in photos!

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