Sunday, April 24, 2011

KinderGarden Kids

Through a grant from Lowe's, our school built potager gardens for each grade level to plant throughout the school year.  This past week, we planted herbs and spring annuals while learning about plants.
Checking out the potager gardens planted by
other grade levels at our school

Getting the soil ready to plant a Marigold.

It was a hot afternoon in the Florida sun.
Getting a cool drink from the sprinkler system was refreshing

Kindergarten kids growing in the garden.
Kindergarten kids growing in the sun.
The most important thing about a Kindergarten kid...
Each one grows to be a special one.

No one's like the other it's plain to see.
Each one's as different as you and me.
Their arms are open and their hearts are too.
Their always ready for a hug from you.


Suzan said...

Is this grant something Lowe's does nation wide? This is a wonderful project! I would love to present this to my principal to see what she thinks. Wow!!

Mrs. Coe said...

Where did you get the poem? I love it and we have a garden. You should stop by and see it!

Mrs. Pearce said...

Mrs. Coe..... "Kindergarten Kids" is actually a song written by a retired Principal from our school. It is a tradition that we sing it every year at our Mother's Day Tea. I can publish the entire lyrics if you would like :-)

P.S. Love your garden! Thanks for inviting me to stop by!