Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh the Things They Will Say....Heart Glue

I was walking down the the main hallway at school with three of my Kinders in tow when we passed one of my former students.  I stopped to briefly say hello to him, ask how his learning day was going, and give him a quick hug. 

As we resumed our walk,  R. asked me about the boy who passed us.  I explained that he used to be one of my students when he was in Kindergarten, and I like to check on him because I still care about him. 

J. asked, "You mean you still love him like you love us?"  I answered, "Absolutely.  Once you are in Mrs. Pearce's class you are always in my heart."

S. asked, "Will we be in your heart after we go to 1st grade?" 

I didn't hesitate to answer, "Of course you will."

R. posed the next question, "How do all those kids stay in your heart?" 

I knew I better think fast on my feet and make this a good answer.  So I explained that the kids stay in my heart because I remember all the wonderful times we had together.  They stick like memories do in our heads.

J. caught on to this idea of sticking and ran with it.  "Oh!  All the kids stick in your heart like they have glue on them.  Heart glue!  I'll bet you need lots and lots of heart glue, Mrs. Pearce!"

If he only knew.....

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S. Parker said...

Thanks for sharing this moment with us. I love how kids think. :)