Thursday, April 28, 2011

Oh The Things They Will Say...H-and

Today I was administering the phonemic awareness portion of FAIR (Florida Assessments for Instruction in Reading) to one of my Kinders.  The objective of this particular assessment was to segment compound words, and onset and rimes.  For example, "Say cookbook without cook." and "Say pup without /p/." 

The assessment was going really well until my little friend became tired and bit bored with our learning game (as I like to call diagnostic assessments when I give them).  She began to wiggle and asked me when the game would be finished.  I held her off for a few more moments with a gentle smile and an encouraging nod, and then continued with more questions. 

But then I knew our time had definitely come to an end when I asked her the question, "Say hand without the /h/.  What do you have left?"

She paused reflectively, looked around, and then with a great big smile replied, "I know. Fingers!"

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Karen James said...

SO cute! When I was volunteering with Mrs. Kay Floyd, I was playing a "learning game" with a little girl. they had to identify a letter, make the sound, and name an object that started with the letter. She identified "C", told me "cat", but I had to ask her "What sound does "cat" make?". Her response?...."Meow?"
I will never forget her!!