Saturday, December 11, 2010

Five Reasons to Love This Week

Here are my top five reasons to love teaching Kindergarten this week:

1.   One of my students was out for a week because his Grandpa passed away.  When he came back he was showered with so many hugs I thought he was going to be smothered.
2.  I discovered a new book, "You Are Special" by Max Lucado.  One of my parent volunteers brought it in to share with the class.  It is one of the most touching stories I have ever read to my students.  I am ordering a copy for my classroom library right after I finish this post.
3. A parent lovingly baked about 50 dough ornaments for the kids to paint.  She even made some out of rice flour for my student who has Celiacs and should not come in contact with wheat products.
4.  When I sat down to help a student assemble a paper plate menorah, he immediately began to sing the "Chanukah Song" by Adam Sandler.  Too cute was he.
5.  I intoduced the concept of the special "Santa Cam" installed into our classroom ceiling where Santa and his elves can take a peek at any time to see how we are learning and behaving. It is actually part of the surround sound system in the room but the kids stare at it in awed wonder anyway. I love the magic of Christmas!

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