Sunday, December 5, 2010

Oh The Things They Will Say.....Double Dipping

This past week Science was all about germs.  We learned that germs can be bacteria or viruses.  We learned (and practiced) how to thoroughly wash our hands while singing the ABC song twice through and not missing the crevices between our fingers.  We learned how to cough and sneeze appropriately.  We learned that during meal times we do not share the same fork, spoon, straw, napkin, or glass.  And the big one that caught many by double dipping your carrot sticks, apple slices, potato chips, or fondue.

I was happy to witness my Kinders carrying out the strategies I taught them all through the week.  I saw them cough into their sleeves.  Ask for tissues politely and discreetly.  Wash their hands with expert agililty.  And then R. really applied his newfound knowledge.  While making a Christmas Bear puppet he summoned my attention and anxiously announced, "Mrs. Pearce!  B. is double the glue!"  You see my Kinders share little plastic pots of glue on their table and use their pointer fingers to dip and stick.  In this case I guess B. was taking a dip, stick, dip. 

This proved to be a sticky teaching moment for me.  I pondered....Is double dipping in the glue pot a germ spreader, too? 

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