Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh The Things They Will Say....Brain Gas

We were having a terrific time story-mapping "Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?" yesterday.  My Kinders were brainstorming where and when the story took place.  It was one of those magical lessons where you know there is some mighty good Bloom's Taxonomy stuff going on.  Some of my students thought the story took place in the daytime because the kids in the book were at school with the teacher.  Some thought it took place in a zoo where animals live.  Maybe they were on a field trip.  Some thought it was in the daytime because Mr. Carle painted the pictures on a white background.  Except for the white dog on a black background 'cause that was at night. 

After about eight minutes of this lively discussion, B. had reached his brainstorming limit.  He raised his hand to speak and said, "I have had enough.  My brain is out of brain gas!"

I asked B. what we needed to do to fill his brain back up.  He didn't have a response.  And I think that was a first.

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