Friday, December 17, 2010

Five Reasons to Love This Week

Boy...this week went by very fast.  Parent conferences, end of term assessments, and our Winter Holidays party made it a jam-packed time.  I have finally slowed down to reflect, and here are my top five reasons to love teaching KG this week.
1. Sitting across from a parent in a conference and watching his face beam as I tell him just how much his little boy has blossomed during the past three months.
2.  Being visited all week long by former students.  They showered me with homemade cards, cookies, a used teddy bear, and an entire bag of mini Snickers (my favorite candy bar).
3.  Singing and dancing over and over again to "Milton the Dancing Christmas Mouse" by Jack Hartmann.  If you have never heard this song, check out this link.  It is adorable. My students love it and ask for it again and again.
4.  Reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and taking delight in hearing my students recite the story along with me.
5.  Giving (and getting) great big goodbye hugs from my Kinders to last two whole weeks.  Our Winter Holiday break began this afternoon at 1:15 pm.


Grace Ann said...

Hello I am Grace Ann. I am from GA. Hope you guys have a great holiday! Congrats on making the top 100 blogs!!

Mrs. Pearce said...

Hi Grace Ann! Thanks for your post and positive nod. Happy Holidays to you also. Keep following my blog. I love "house guests"!